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Absinthe for Halloween!!
Due to a storage error I've recently come into possession of about a dozen cases of wine! I've spent my copious free time boiling those down into a sort of moonshine for proof spirit and, in addition, with a fairly complete compliment of homegrown wormwood, fennel, hyssop, and melissa means there's absinthe to be had.

  • Batch A: 140˚, verte, a split each reserved for uberspiral, cowbwoy, and name_redacted (leaves 1 still available) Lehi and Michaele
  • Batch B: 128˚ (not so hot, goes to fortify and color the rest)
  • Batch C: 124˚, verte; 3 . . . 2 splits still available (1 claimed by Joy)
  • Batch D: 104˚, verte; private stock (available by appointment)
  • Batch E: 104˚, verte; private stock (available by request) one split reserved for beekeeper Chuck, one left.