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ZOMG! 1st All-grain!!!1BBQ
thanx_n_advance wrote in my_magic_bottle
All the little pieces have come to match. My 5 gallon Igloo drink cooler/lauter tun conversion has at the bottom a pipe within a strainer leading to a tap, holds water, temperature and 10 lbs of crushed 2 row barley malt and 3 gallons of water beautifully! I'm mashin'! The recipe is a Hearty Spring Braggot, or some such.
  • 10 lbs 2 row pale

  • 10 lbs clover honey

  • (sub) Cote de Blanc (for D-47 yeast)

  • 2 tsp yeast energizer

  • 2 tsp yeast nutrient

  • 1 oz Centennial hops

  • 1 oz YBD homegrown hops (nugget, cascade, n. brewers)

Mashed in above @ 10:20, took a conversion test @ 10:45 and (iodine) and looked complete, no change in color. Tested the test @ 11:00 in a tsp of instant mashed potatos and, yes, the presence of starch does beget some weird color reactions! So, I'm confident that my starch conversion is happening. Opted for the additional mash time just to get some last minute things washed, and revel in my relative success. You know, relax, have a homebrew-type stuff. TIme to check the first runnings and either rejoice or cry - the magic of enzymes!

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From start to finish I'm done and have fully cleaned the kitchen.

Finished product:

OG: 1,080 (about what I was aiming for, or certainly not disappointed!)

Only got about 9 lbs of the honey into the mix, so it's time to delve into the books and math and determine how much of the SG comes from the malt extraction, a simple infusion mash. Otherwise, everything went swimmingly.

I brought to a boil a gallon of water to preheat the fully assembled cooler-tun. Poured in a full 10 lbs of grain over that when the water had come to within ~170°F, although, another 2-4 lbs would probably fit well. I could expect a drop of 16 - 18 &dec;F and was aiming for 155°. It also held comfortably a full 3 gallons of strike water. The infusion chart in Papazian's CJOHB about ratios p. 284 (1 qt/1 lb mash water to grain) and how much water to have on hand to sparge with was very helpful! This left me wth about 5 gallons of wort that I divided unevenly between two 16 qt kettles. (FFR: This is a good point at which to start boiling water to proof the yeast in !!)

The lighter of the two (2½ gallons) was the first runnings with room for the honey to be added, along with the bittering hops (1 oz Centennial 9.6 AA for 1 hour, ½ oz Cascade for unboiled steep last 10 min). The other kettle I boiled the second runnings (3½ gallons) to which I added flavoring hops, ½ oz Cascade for 15 min. I boiled the chiller in the larger of the two batches and chilled it first and transferred the coil directly into the other. That went smoothly and made me very happy.

It dawns on me now that I never put in the nutrient and energizer. Wonder if I should attempt that after the fact? All that relax, don't worry, have a homebrew shit is really effective!

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